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"How to rank your website on the first place on Google using our approach"
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Frank Segura. CEO.


It is not fair, but it is the shocking truth, if your web site does not exist on the almighty Google, your web site is not visible in search engines.


Google spans 90% of the internet market; this is the reason why to ensure that the rate of visits to your web site keeps growing, you have to rank your web site on Google!

More and more webs are uploaded on the internet every day. If your web site is listed number 87 on the rankings nobody will find it. Most of us look on the first two pages or the first 20 places. If we do not find what we are looking for we start another search using another searching statement. Is this not true?


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I started with you and I didn't believe you could offer SEO services at an affordable price, but it´s true.

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Jess Wayne.

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So your website has 2 possible states:

1.- Your web site does not have good rankings or 2. It currently has good rankings.

1.-Your web site does not have good rankings Given the case that you do not have a good ranking you are giving up a large stream of free traffic coming from search engines. Besides, we already know that visits that come from search engines are more profitable (they convert more on your site).

Visitors that arrive from search engines access your web site with a more open mind.  They access them by searching and they have a feeling of buying and being in charge of the situation.

The difference between the visitors that come to your web site from publicity campaigns (banners, email, marketing, Google Adwords, etc.) are aware that they may be feeling apprehensive saying “what will they offer me for sale now?”

Several studies have shown that the percentage of visitors that become clients is staggeringly less in this case.

Alternatively, if you are currently not making conversions on your web site, this can affect your website’s profitability.

The investment you have made in the design, hosting, etc., will be wasted. There will come a day when you will not want to keep spending on hosting, domain renewal, etc., and your website will end up like many others, just disappearing.

Everybody has seen cases of web sites that appear to be prosperous, have a good design and then for no apparent reason – just disappear. It has always been the same problem. Lack of visits.


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In less than 2 weeks the promo video you made for my site is ranked # 1 on YouTube and Google Video!

It's incredible how you can make such a thing happen with the SEO service probably the most "cost-effective" in the market. I don't know another SEO service that includes a promotional and optimized video, each month included, in the fee.
Those videos will be there forever driving visitors to my site.

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Fabian Dovigo



Ranking system enlaces highest positions on the search engines enlaces profits from your web site $$$.



2.- Your website currently has good rankings and is enjoying a healthy rate of visitors.  If that is so, you have one or two choices. You either already have an active ranking service or you don´t.


1.-You have an active ranking service that provides you links each month, etc. You need to know that our system can work alongside with another ranking system; you do not have to cancel the ranking system that you already have.

We have proved this with other web sites where you will keep receiving visits from another system and without any bother.  In addition, you will start to get visits through our service. Visitors will enter from other websites as we open up other doors (sub pages).

2.- You have good rankings but you do not have a monthly ranking service yet. Your web site is seriously in danger. It is only a matter of time before your rivals start ranking campaigns and overtake your current position.

Case Study:
There was a time when I was put in charge of monitoring a customer´s rankings: (a site in spanish language - our approach works for other language sites too). This website kept its position between 2 or 3 on Google for a specific keyword that was regarded as a very competite keyword phrase. Keyword: shopping portal. has been ranked as number 2 for several months. We will name the number 1 web site “x web”. Several months later, we were completing our ranking tasks for this company, most of the time creating links and making the rankings a lot stronger so they could get a better position...

The other web, the “x web site” had more or less  the same  number of links , then suddenly this was overtaken by (there are ways for us to get the links pointing to a web site). Therefore, it was only a matter of time before the changes were there to be seen.

All of a sudden, Google made an index update for that keyword and passed, and still is number 1. The particular point here is that “x web” slid from number 1 position to number 48 on the fourth page of the search results on Google.

After a long time at number 1 position, Google did not respect this even though it was a well-established page.

How did it happen? It is very simple. Web sites that are currently on the 1st page are doing tasks and every month they are adding links pointing to their websites. Google was counting this out in a low profile. After the update, the results for websites that did not do their job meant that these were then moved and placed in less favorable positions.

Warning: “do not rest on your laurels”

I have seen the almighty Google kicking a website off the internet within 24 hours. Probably this is not fair, but that is reality in black and white. I have seen many people asking on forums how they can contact Google to complain about this. They were asking if there was a way to phone them to complain.  However, nothing came about. I remember a case when a web page used to receive about 1000 daily visits then it went to just a few visits a day.  He could not do anything.

Almighty Google undoes and redoes its lists according to its own principles, using a very complicated, secret algorithm. Many people think that appearing on Google is a right, but it isn’t.  Google is a private website and ranks you if IT WANTS TO. In addition, if it sees that there is another website with better links, etc., it kicks you off that spot and gives it to your competitor.

Google does not call you to say, “Hey, if you do not improve the features of your web site we are going to list you on an x position”. It is not like that; I don’t know anybody who has received such notice or even any contact from Google.

To sum it up, the best defense against an attack is to use a good system that boosts and improves your current rankings.

"# 2 and  # 4 at Google"

Very good work guys!

I have my site on on the first page for my keywords:

# 2 for "the Spanish course"
# 4 for "Spanish course"

Keep up the good work!

Fernando Perez


About links:  The most important factor that Google takes into account in assigning positions is the number and quality of inbound links that are pointed to a web page.

Nowadays, most of the search engines are giving vital importance to checking which links are pointed to a website.

It is like a democratic system for voting. If a web page has more "votes", that means more links than other, the search engine works out that the most voted web page is the one to come out 1st on the natural rankings. (This has nothing to do with lists of sponsored links – Adwords for Google or the equivalent for Yahoo, MSN, etc.).

The practice called on-page optimization, which means the techniques that are used to “tell” the search engines from inside my web page what my web page is about, is necessary too. However, nowadays, the off-page, what is said about my web site in the outside Internet, is more important.

The truth is that this is normal. It is less biased, and more real, and more important to factor in what other websites say about me than what I say about me.

If your linking campaigns are not well designed or if a large quantity of them use an inappropriate title (or link text), OR, if you have inbound links coming from "bad" websites, this will undo the progress you have made so far. A bad linking policy will destroy the ranking of a web site.

All of these issues are solved with a good ranking approach. Over the last few years, we have been improving our performance with a ranking system based on links that will give good results for any web site in a short period of time.

Main features of our service:

1.- Accessible price – 3 search queries / keyword phrases.. The price for our service is only  $59,95 per month – Free set up.

Free set up is not common with other Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies.

If you want to compare prices with our competitors, go to Google and do a search using the keywords “SEO companies”. Please feel free to contact these companies and ask them about their set up costs.

Some companies will ask for $300  just for the initial sign up. There are other companies that charge $50 per searching query or keyword. Our service covers web ranking for  3 search queries / keyword phrases.

Search query examples:

Orlando Hotels
Profitable businesses
Cars for hire
Cheap web hosting


Our $59.95 price will be coming back to you by the amount of visits that you will receive. Many customers are leaving other ways of online promotion such as Google Adwords.

How can we afford to offer these services so inexpensively?

  • We don’t waste any time or money on useless links. We save time by cutting out the fat, and we pass that savings on to our clients.
  • We have many clients, so we do not need to charge a ton of money to recoup our expenses.
  • We deal in bulk and get discounts on hosting, design, and links on other sites.
  • We use a lot of free resources like Blogger and Youtube, which do not cost money to upload content or host a profile. Even though some of these sites in our link mix are free, they are still viewed as authority sites by the search engines, and thus, are very valuable to target in your linking campaign.


2.- Set it on autopilot: You do not have to monitor anything nor take part in anything. You just have to check your statistics and see your website move up in ranking position.

Every month we will send you a report of the work done and, in a matter of time, usually around 6 weeks, your website will enjoy a ranking that will remain stable for a long time.

You will also see the number of visitors increase noticeably. These visitors are targeted and interested in browsing your website, researching your products and services and they will eventually become clients. This is the best form of advertising on the internet.

3.- Monthly report: We will send you a monthly report on the work that has been done on the links designed for your website. We set the links, the articles that we use to hold these links are published on the Authority Sites.

4.- Profitability: the number of visits that is obtained with our system exceeds other online SEO systems, for example, Google Adwords. Recently, we have published a bulletin about a case study where a customer had found they had obtained a greater profit with our service and has since chosen to close his Google Adwords account.

5.- Time: you can expect results in about 14 days. This is not common with most companies, but it can occur with our service. The normal time is between 4 – 6 weeks.

It is important to remember that once we get such rankings and continue the maintenance, creating monthly links, articles, etc., these rankings are kept. They can even improve over time and will keep sending traffic to your website.

6.- No ties: you can cancel your subscription at any time. We do not require your commitment to stay with our service.  We are confident that you will not want to cancel your subscription.

See your web site at number 1 on Google: