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In less than 2 weeks the promo video you made for my site is ranked # 1 on YouTube and Google Video!

It’s incredible how you can make such a thing happen with the SEO service probably the most “cost-effective” in the market. I don’t know another SEO service that includes a promotional and optimized video, each month included, in the fee.
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Fabian Dovigo

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Wow, my site is #1 in Google, I’m even overtaking Wikipedia!

My income from that page is just awesome!!
I started with you and I didn’t believe you could offer SEO services at an affordable price, but it´s true.


My site is there thanks to your efforts with it. You place more and more links to it every month and my site gets a nice chunk of visitors.
Jess Wayne
Jess Wayne.

# 1 for "Asset Tracking Freeware" :

"# 2 and  # 4 at Google"

Very good work guys!

I have my site spanishcourse.co.uk in Google.co.uk on the first page for my keywords:

# 2 for "the Spanish course"
# 4 for “Spanish course"

Keep up the good work.

Fernando Perez